Carol Caffrey – Still Life

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Carol-Caffrey-photo2-150x150Carol Caffrey is an Irish writer and actor who has been living in Shropshire since the early 90s. Her work has been published in The Fish Anthology, Bare Fiction magazine and Ink, Sweat & Tears and she is a member of the 2015 – 2016 cohort of Writing West Midlands’ developing writer programme, Room 204. She also tours the one-woman play, “Music for Dogs”, by Irish poet and playwright Paula Meehan 


By Carol Caffrey

I had two brothers and knew myself richer for the having of them.  I had two sisters and know myself poorer for the loss of them.   They’re all gone now, and it ain’t right, it ain’t fittin’.

Piling into the car with cats, dogs, buckets and spades, tennis racquets, swimming togs, pocket money counted up, planning midnight feasts and pillow fights and dar-dar in the burrows –  our parents’ greatest gift to us, the annual seaside holiday north of Dublin.  Are we nearly there yet?  Semi-feral children for four glorious weeks.  Must…

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